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Using Felted Wool Sweater Pieces

Using Felted Sweater Pieces

Last night I finished another denim jacket.  I “re-purpose” these denim jackets and vests.  They are wonderfully inexpensive purchases from thrift stores.  Then I needle felt designs on the back yoke, collar points and usually the front yoke of the jacket.  This time I used some of the wool from a felted violet cashmere sweater to punch out the little violets on the right shoulder.  Then I beaded the center parts of the violets with tiny white beads.

You can see the green vines clearly in this picture.  These were punched out of a felted wool men’s necktie.  It was thin enough to use my Sizzix Original and one of the dies to cut out a beautiful vine.  Then I needle felted the vine to the yoke of the denim jacket.

All of the flowers (except the violets) are needle felted with Merino roving.  I cut the patterns out of a stiff plastic sheet that can be found at any craft store.  I use these patterns for my guides and needle felt around the edges of the pattern filling in the center with various Merino wool roving that I have hand-carded to blend the colors.

You can’t really see it from this picture, but the large butterfly in the center is embellished with beads around the outline of the butterfly.

Needle felted design on denim jacket

On the front of the jacket I did repeat the vines using the felted wool pieces from the man’s tie.  I really enjoy re-purposing and “upcycling” the wool that I find cast-off in thrift stores and Goodwill.  It saddens me that we are such a disposable society.  At least I can upcycle these lovely items and sell them!! YIPPEE!!

My next project will be ladybugs on another denim jacket.  The project after that will be roses of different colors on another denim jacket.  Do you think I’ll ever get one made for myself?  LOL?? Probably NOT!  So between the needle felting, knitting and working my “REAL” job…..I hope to nuno felt again.!

Full wool Merino sheep.

Full wool Merino sheep. - Image via Wikipedia

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Felted Wool Sunflower Tea Cozy

This is a new tea cozy that I made for a customer this week.  It’s made of recycled felted wool sweaters and lined with remnants I found at the fabric store.

Navy Sweater before felting

First I selected the navy blue sweater and cut out my pattern.

Then I selected the orange, yellow and green sweaters for the sunflower petals and the leaves.

Orange Pullover Sweater before felting

Yellow Sweater before Felting

Once the 100% wool sweaters were felted in hot water (see my website for instructions , dried and all the sleeves were removed, I set to work creating a sunflower petal and leaf pattern.

I decided to zigzag stitch the edges of the petals and leaves to give them a curly effect.

ZigZag Stitching the Petal edges

I did the same for the leaves, but I used wool roving under the zigzag stitch to define the veins on each leaf. (Apologizes for the glare in the pic.)

Attaching the wool roving to the leaf.

I used some scrap felted wool from a very thin sweater to make the center of the sunflower. Since it needed some texture, I added the cross hatch stitching with my sewing machine and then put the French knots in the center of each hatch crossing.

Sunflower center

I cut out the shape of the tea cozy and dug through the stash to find an appropriate fabric lining.  I cut that out according to the pattern and stitched it up so it could be inserted into the cozy.  See it even has little teeny sunflowers in the pattern of the fabric!

Cozy lining turned up to see the inside.

Then I sewed the blue cozy pieces together, right sides facing, and inserted a little ribbon loop at the top so it can be hung.  I turned the woolen cozy right side out and hand stitched each petal, leaf and the flower center to the front of the cozy.

Next I had to insert the lining into the woolen cozy (wrong sides facing) and I stitched them together by hand all along the seam line that connects the wool front and back.  Once the lining was secure, I hemmed the lining to the woolen cozy with a straight stitch on my sewing machine.

Voila! Easy sunflower tea cozy!

To purchase this pattern go to

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A Happy Little Girl

I just had to share the picture of a very happy niece, Miss A with her new soft, purple bunny! This was so much fun to make!  I know they’ll both sleep in each others’ arms tonight  ;O)

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Felted Wool Bunny

On July 5th, my 3 yr old niece put her arm around my neck and asked me to make her a “soft” purple bunny.  My heart melted and I said “Yes” without even thinking that I didn’t have a pattern!  I had felted a purple cashmere V-neck sweater earlier this year, so I knew I had one to use.

After searching the internet, I found a wonderful site,  Craftbits. There I found a free pattern for the “Signature Easter Bunny“.  I enlarged it, cut out the cashmere bunny parts and began to sew.  Last night I embellished the bunny by adding the eyes, nose, mouth and fingers.  Then I decided to add a little “love note” to the bunny’s feet.  He’s going in the mail today!

Here’s the “love note” I put on the bunny’s feet especially for my niece.

And finally, the bunny says “Goodbye” as he heads for the Post Office.

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MORE Needle Felting

Last night I finished the crochet needle/double point knitting needle case I’ve been making for a dear friend.  I used a 100% wool sweater vest and after felting it, needle felted the little “blue bird of happiness” on the front.  Then I steamed it thoroughly and sewed the lining into it.  Finally, I added the little button on the front so that it can be closed securely.  I think it looks like a little book!  I’ll be making more of these and selling them on my website,

Double point knitting needle/crochet hook case

Inside view of case

See how the needles are secured at the top by the “hood” that is sewn on the sides.  These needles shouldn’t fall out on the floor now that they are nicely tucked into their case!

View of outside of the case

The pockets from the sweater vest make a perfect little place to tuck in a tape measure or bread bag clips. In Lily Chin’s book, KNITTING TIPS & TRICKS, she tells us how to secure the ends of our yarn at the start of our project so that it’s neatly wound around the bread bag clips.

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I have had more fun making these felted wool tea cozies.  If you’d like to purchase the pattern, please go to my website: Gathering Wool,  I appreciate any and all comments.  HAPPY FELTING!

Brown Felted Wool Tea Cozy w/needle felted design

Brown Felted Wool Tea Cozy w/needle felted design

White Felted Tea Cozy with Needle Felted circles

White Felted Tea Cozy with Needle Felted circles

Green Felted Wool Tea Cozy w/Needle Felted Design

Green Felted Wool Tea Cozy w/Needle Felted Design

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Felted Wool Pins for Valentine’s Day

I’ve been working on little felted wool heart pins to give to my family members for Valentine’s Day. The pins were made from felted wool skirts and sweaters.  I have beaded some, hand-embroidered each one and they are stuffed with fiberfill. I attached the pin backs that I found at the craft store.

Wool Skirt before Felting

Plaid wool skirt before felting

Red Cashmere sweater before felting

Instead of conversation hearts - Valentine Pins!

Closeup of Felted Wool Valentine Pins

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